Lost Dachshund Walks 80 Miles In Search Of His Family

When it comes to dogs and the love they have for their owners, we all know that there are few things that can truly equal that affection. Dogs have been known to find their way home even after being lost for months on end. However, the story below shows just how far a doxie was […]

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dachshund puppy playing with slipper

Will Mom Ever Get Her Slipper Back From The Dachshund Puppy?

Donut, the 14 week old dachshund, is up to her puppy tricks again and this time she has decided she loves mom’s house slipper. Although she has lots of other toys lying around, she still prefers mom’s slipper over all of them. Daddy is trying to teach her to ‘drop’ but that word hasn’t got […]

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Dachshund loving his dad

Dachshund Puppy Can’t Get Enough Of The I Love You’s From Daddy

You can’t imagine how cute this is. Dogs can’t talk but they have their own way of showing us that they love us. Take a look at the sweet puppy in this video as she responds to Daddy’s “I love You’s” with her own version of those words in the most amazing doxie voice ever. […]

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long haired dachshund

This Dachshund Knows Every Amazing Trick In The Book

Hunter, the very beautiful dachshund, loves to learn new tricks and he’s great at them. His mom is his trainer and between the two of them they are the dynamic duo in this video. Hunter has so many great tricks I haven’t seen before. He must be one very smart boy to be able to […]

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Dachshund nose by Lynne Behrends via flickr

Can Your Dog Tell if You Have A Health Problem?

We all can suffer from a myriad of large or small health problems. The body as a whole is one of the most efficient machines ever designed. However, as we age, the efficiency tends to decrease. We start to suffer from a number of health problems which makes it hard to carry on with activities […]

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dachshund waiting at the washing machine

Dachshund Telling His Mom To Make The Washing Machine Go Faster

What would you do if your favourite stuffed toy was stuck in the washing machine and you had to wait for it to dry? It’s every dachshund’s worst nightmare and the little one in this video can’t wait for his toy to get all clean and dry so he can start playing with it again. […]

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Dachshund and munchkin kitten

Gentle Dachshund Meets A Tiny Munchkin Kitten And It Is Adorable

I always thought that there was nothing cuter than a gentle dachshund but it turns out there is and it’s a gentle dachshund meeting a tiny wiener kitten. This next video is just too cute to believe. This adorable wiener kitten is meeting her wiener brother for the first time and he seems just as […]

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Dachshund howling by This Year's Love via Flickr

3 Reasons Why Dogs Bark At Night And How You Can Stop It

While dogs may be incredibly cute, loveable creatures that we just can’t take our eyes off, they also do have their own pet peeves. Among all the unnerving issues that come with dogs is their barking, especially at night when the whole neighbourhood is trying to sleep. While a bark here and there may not […]

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Dachshund begging

Dachshund Waves To Say “Hi”

Every dachshund has some unique talent hiding somewhere in their cute little bodies. I have seen some play and sing along to Beethoven’s symphonies while others can dance to the beat when asked to. However, some doxies just need a little motivation to showcase what they have to offer. Take Brutus, the cute little dachshund […]

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