dachshund howling

What’s That Sad Song All About?

Think you have seen doxies do it all? Well think again! This dachshund in this video will have you in tears with his marvellous rendition of some sad song that I probably never heard of before. Still, he sure does have a set of lungs on him. This dachshund is so cute sitting there on […]

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Blind dachshund by Darren Barefoot via flickr

6 Tips for Living with a Visually Impaired Dog

As a dog owner, would you choose to have a dog that has a physical disability? It may seem like a rather unfair question to ask but if you take the time to think about it, a lot of dog owners out there have to deal with this kind of problem. It may come as […]

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Teddy bear being dragged into dog crate

Dachshund Determined To Drag His Huge Sleeping Buddy Inside His Crate

When it comes to dealing with dachshunds, there’s no helping the quirks that come with having them.   Some simply love to chase rabbits so much so that they do it while they are sleeping while others seem to have a hard time sleeping so they start jumping around on the mattress. The dachshund who stars in […]

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dachshund with water

Edgar’s Fight With The Garden Hose

In this video dad has been topping up the pool with the garden hose but Edgar Extralong doesn’t understand why the pool should be getting all that attention from a thing that looks like it might be a really fun toy. In this video he snatches the hose and the fight is on. I don’t think […]

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Teaching a dachshund how to jump a pole

The Hilarious Antics Trying To Teach A Baby Dachshund To Jump Over The Pole

You will not believe how hilarious this video is. It’s like something out of an old time comedy. That puppy does everything she is not supposed to. Mom is trying to teach the dachshund puppy how to jump a pole but it really doesn’t seem to be working. It’s one of the funniest videos I […]

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Panting dog by Tony Alter via Flickr

Watch For These 7 Signs That Signal Your Dog Is In Pain

For me, and I’m sure for many other dog owners, one of the hardest things with owning a dog is to tell if they are in pain. It’s often just impossible as they are so good at hiding it. The reason they are so good at hiding their pain lies in their distant ancestry. In […]

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Dachshund puppy sleeping

Baby Ballerina

This video could not be more adorable. Don’t be fooled by her full belly and overall plumpness; this dachshund is a ballerina or at least that’s what her human dad says. Perhaps, he meant ballerina in the making or is she just too chubby to roll over. Whatever it is the cuteness goes on and on […]

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Dad with the dachshunds on the bed

Dad Trying To Evict The Dachshunds Off The Bed And It’s Hilarious

How do you tell a doxie that it’s time for bed and they are not invited into the human bed? Well, apparently you don’t! The dad in this video is having a hard time getting his dachshunds to leave the bed and stay off. Those dachshunds simply don’t want to go and resist any attempts at […]

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Dachshund puppy on lead

6 Ways To Have A Happy Well Adjusted Dog

So you have finally made the choice to bring home a new puppy? Congratulations! This will be one journey that both you and your new found companion will cherish for quite some time. However, you should be prepared. This journey won’t be easy. In fact, it may be harder than any other single responsibility that […]

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