Brown and white dachshund puppy

This Guy Became Dad Of The Year When He Got His Puppy This Special Something

What do you do when you have the cutest dachshund in the world? You shower them with gifts, of course, like the daddy is doing in this video for his cute baby puppy. Meatball was born with a neurological defect and he and his dad have put in a lot of work to get this […]

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Three dachshunds by Tony Alter via Flickr

Are You And Your Dog On The Same Page. Here’s How To Do The Right Dog Speak

What’s in a language? What is in the way we speak? Is it simply a means of communication or does it mean much, much more? While it may not seem like it, communication is an essential part of any relationship and it really does matter if the two parties in a relationship are properly communicating […]

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Dachshund puppy learning to walk

Baby Dachshund’s First Steps Ever

In this video is a darling little dachshund puppy taking his first teetering steps. Puppies are cute no matter what they do but this is cuteness overload. We think about our own children’s first steps but have you ever thought about the fact that puppies need to take their first steps too. This scene is […]

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Funny Video Of Hasselhoff, The Dachshund From Germany

It has been a tradition for wiener owners to compete in the annual wiener dog races in Buda Texas. This year, there is a very special participant in the annual races. Gunther and his dachshund Hasselhoff came all the way from Dusseldorf, Germany just to attend the race and win it. This is one funny […]

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dachshund running with toy

How This Dachshund Got Away With Shoplifting

The hilarious star of this video is Toby, the dachshund, as he joins his mommy and daddy shopping at the doggie store. It’s his birthday today and that’s why mom and dad have promised him a new toy. He gets to choose which toy he wants. Of course, being a dachshund he chooses a bobo. When […]

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Dachshund running with ball

10 Top Doggie Secrets Every Dog Owner Should Know

As pet owners, we tend to think that we know everything about our companions. We always think that we know the best but it soon turns out that that’s not always the case. As we grow older with our pets, we have to learn what our pets want, what we want and the difference between […]

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Dachshund on the lounge

Cute Dachshund Can’t Stand The Happy Birthday Song

You know how some dachshunds just can’t wait to start singing while others seem to have a knack for dancing and doing tricks? As it turns out, some doxies just can’t stand some songs. Take Pickles, for example. He is the cute little dachshund in the video in the next page. Pickles was just lying there […]

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dachshund puppy looking through fence

Compilation Of Adorable Dachshund Photos

Dachshunds come in many different varieties and so many colors . Some have short hair while others have long hair or are wire haired. This video is a compilation of dachshunds from around the world each and every one of them beautiful in their own way. Dachshunds would be dachshunds no matter where they live in […]

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Dachshund puppies running through the grass

Seven Baby Dachshunds Playing in the Garden

Seven baby doxies are what you get in this video each and every one too cute for words. Caution! There’s quite a bit of cuteness overload in this video so you should be really prepared before you watch it. The video on the next page takes us through a day in the life of these […]

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