Dapple dachshund puppy

The Boisterous Dachshund Puppy Ambushing The Cantankerous Old Cat

In this video baby Gus the dachshund puppy is lying in wait to catch Sagwa, the cat, when she comes up the stairs. He might not be very old but he has certainly worked out how to ambush a cat and he is so adorable not taking no for an answer. Of course, ‘no’ isn’t […]

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Black and tan dachshund

32 Dog Wisdom Memes That Perfectly Sum Up How Wonderful Dogs Are

When it comes to our dogs, it’s hard to imagine a time when they weren’t a part of our lives. Our dogs are incredible and as companions, they fulfill a much larger role in our lives. Not only are they a source of entertainment and often mistimed humor, they are also quite eager to help […]

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dachshund and basset hound

I Want What He’s Got Even Though I Have The Same!

This video is hilarious. That basset hound is performing and carrying on just like a dachshund. He starts off by not touching his treat and thinking about what that dachshund has. He looks away but, it’s no use, he can still hear that chewing and, in the end, it just gets too much for him […]

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dachshund trying to get her sweater off

This Little Dachshund Really Really Hates That Sweater But You Should See What She Does About It

The dachshund in this video doesn’t like the fact that she has to wear a sweater. She’d much rather have the sweater somewhere where she can simply play with it than have to put it on. Doxies either love those sweaters or they don’t. There’s no in between. Rosie, the miniature dachshund, is the star […]

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Mommy dachshund with new puppies

Behavioral Changes that You May See In A Dog After She’s Had Puppies

I’m sure that you have heard of post-partum depression and the different ways that it affects women after they have just had their newborns. These changes in mood and behavior often occur after pregnancy and can be devastating to families who don’t know what is happening or what to expect. While you may know that […]

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two dachshund puppies running

Oliver And Baxter, Dachshund Puppies, Playing In Slow Motion

It’s not every day that you get a glimpse into the lives of two adorable young pups but when you do get that rare chance, it’s bound to be incredible. The video on the next page stars two of the cutest dachshund pups I have ever seen. I really can’t get enough of them and […]

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DIY toy for dogs

See How Much Fun It Is To Go Fishing For Dachshunds

Pickles and Rosie’s dad was looking for a new toy for his two little ones that would also give them some exercise without him having to run around like a mad thing. He came up with this great invention and you can see how much fun it is for the doxies in this video. All […]

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dachshund and cat

Cat Calms Down A Mini Dachshund

Should we patent this cat as a dachshund sedative? In this video the little girl dachshund is hyperactive and going crazy but the cat knows just what to do. That doxie just loves all this feline attention. She probably makes a nuisance of herself on purpose to make sure she gets that soft furry loving. […]

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Dachshund puppies playing

Beautiful Baby Dachshunds Playing and Exploring The Back Yard

The three puppies in this video are a great example of why dachshund puppies have no equal when it comes to cuteness. These dachshund puppies have been let loose and are being adorable running round the back yard. It’s always so much fun watching doxie puppies exploring the back yard. It gives you a fresh look […]

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