11 Games Guaranteed to Keep Your Dog From Being Bored


It must be grand to be a dog. After all, all they have to do each day is wake up, play, go on the occasional rabbit chase and sleep. Well, there’s the occasional bath (Argh!), but who really cares about that? However, this is not always the case especially when play time is not readily available.

Dogs love to play. In fact, you could say they live for it! A lot of studies have revealed that play helps with your dog’s growth which is why newbie dog owners are often encouraged to play with their dogs each day.

However, if it’s cold and unfriendly outside, your pooch certainly won’t want to go out which leaves you in a bit of a pickle considering that they still have all that unbridled energy to deal with.

With nothing to do, they resort to playing with anything that they find in sight. From your clothes to your furniture, nothing is safe. This means that you’ll have to find something that will engage them as well as keep them entertained.

Luckily, we compiled one of the biggest lists for indoor games for the bored pooch and you can read it all starting on the next page.

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