18 Reasons Why Being Single Is Easier With A Dog

Dating is hard – that's a fact! In fact, for some people, it’s near impossible. So what do you do then? Do you just give up on having a lifelong companion? Do you accept being single? Do you accept that your life will always be filled with lonely nights with no one to spend them with?

Nope! Not if you choose to have a dog!!

Yes, I said dog!!

There are so many reasons why having a dog is easier than being in a relationship. Let's start with the simple fact that our canine companions love to show love at all times. Regardless of how tired they may be, they will jump at the opportunity to show us just how much they love us. Moreover, they rarely get jealous save for the times when we choose to focus our attention on anything else other than them! WiWhat more could you need in a relationship?

Dachshund Shawn Hoke via Flickr

Image Shawn Hoke via Flickr

If you are a dog lover, then I don’t need to tell you these reasons but, just in case you doubt my reasoning, then have a look at the reasons starting on the next page. I’m sure you’ll soon be convinced.

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