21 Really Cool Things Dogs Have Done

Can you imagine your dogs doing some of these things. I'll bet they could. Dogs are very smart and can work things out way better than we give them credit for.

Some of these dogs in the list have had to work out smart ways just to survive, some of them are heroes and some of them are just plain fun and cute.

In #17 I love what Paul McCartney did for his dog. Mr McCartney would have had a lot of fun doing this and seeing his pup's reaction. The things we do for our dogs and we love every minute of it.

And in #2 you find out why your dog's feet smell like Fritos but it may not be as romantic as you think.

Dog sleeping on back

I am amazed at the Russian dogs in Moscow who use man's technology in order for them to survive. I'll bet they know the timetables off by heart too.

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