24 Pets Who Have No Intention Of Getting Out Of Bed …. Ever


We all know dogs love to sleep but the pups in these photos just take it to ridiculous lengths and they don't want to leave the bed. They are nestled right in there and look like they have no intention of getting out of there any time soon, if ever. Who can blame them when all the spots they have chosen look so cosy.

In the good old days dogs were brave, resourceful and fierce and then they discovered we had couches. Now evolution has totally reversed and we are stuck with the canine couch potato.

Sleeping dachshund by Toby Alter via Flickr

Image Toby Alter via Flickr

We are their slaves catering to their every want and need so what else is there to do but take big advantage of the situation, choose the best place, usually just exactly where the human wants to sit or sleep. Who of us isn't guilty of giving the best spot on the couch or the bed to our beloved pets.

Top image Kelly via Flickr

On the following pages are 24 champion couch potatoes all being too cute and doing what the new evolved dog is best at.

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