3 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better as Best Friends

When you look at your pooch, what do you see? Do you see a kind, loving furry companion who will sit patiently on your lap as they listen to you vent about your horrible day at work? Or do you see a companion willing to always make you smile even if they do it in the strangest of ways?

Having a dog brings so much joy to one’s life, it’s hard to think about how our lives would be without them. That’s probably why you could say that our dogs mean more to us than our best friends. In some cases, this is very true. How so? Find out below.

1. Your dog will never flirt with your date or cheat with your spouse. Your dog loves people, but prefers you. If you like someone, she is more apt to also, but she won’t be checking out your date for anything other than a pat on the head or a dog treat. If she does draw your date’s attention, it’s a good thing because your value just elevated in any dog lover’s eyes if you have a cool dog. (If she does not like your date or he/she does not like him/her, it is worth noting also.) If your spouse loves her, it is even better because that means he/she knows that fur babies are family too.

2. She won’t borrow your shoes and forget to return them. It is possible that she will take your shoes, but it won’t be to match that super cute skirt (that she also took from your closet). Your dog might think your shoes are great tasting, more than great looking. It is possible that you will lose shoes to your dog, but it will be an honest mistake. A dog thinks you look great in any outfit or no outfit at all. After all, your dog is still wears the same clothes she was born with.

3. She’s always ready to do whatever you want with enthusiasm. If your dog is your BFF, you can count on an enthusiastic reception for any idea.   You could suggest that you go to toilet in the right tone of voice and she is ALL in. If you do go to the toilet without her, she will probably be waiting patiently and longingly outside for you, instead of touching up her lipstick and tapping her foot. She will also think that the bathroom trip was the coolest thing ever.

Best friends are forever or so the saying goes, right? If that’s the case, then Lady or Fido or Rover would definitely fit the bill. We spend so much time with our furry friends not because they need our companionship but because we need theirs!

There’s so much more to the human-dog relationship than most people think which is why in some cases, having a dog really is better than having a human best friend.

However, don’t throw out your best friends just yet! After all, you can always have both!

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