6 Reasons Why Being Single is Easier With a Dog


As everyone everywhere probably knows, dating can be hard. In fact, for some people, it’s near impossible! So what do you do then? Do you just give up on having a lifelong companion? Do you decide to be single forever? Do you accept that your life will always be filled with lonely nights with no one to spend them with?

Nope! Not if you choose to have a dog!!

Yes, you read right. I said dog!!

There are so many reasons why having a dog is easier than being in a relationship. Let’s start with one of the more obvious reasons – dogs are so much easier to get along with than most (read all) people. Plus, you’ll always have someone who loves you no matter what! Still, these are all reasons that every dog owner knows and loves.

Dachshund Shawn Hoke via Flickr

Image Shawn Hoke via Flickr

If you are a dog lover, then I don’t need to tell you all these reasons but, just in case you doubt my reasoning, then have a look at the reasons starting on the next page. I’m sure you’ll soon be convinced.

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5 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Being Single is Easier With a Dog

  1. I don’t feel that is necessarily true we have 4 and have always had 4 and they seem to do very well with our entire family, the only time we have a problem is when it’s time to wake someone up and they come in and just bark as if they are protecting them, but they have never bit anybody, so if u get them when they are babies they learn to fit in with the family. Everyone tells us we don’t need a security system we have 4 these dogs can hear a dog or person walking down the street at 3:00 in the morning and jump up on the back of the couch and wake everybody in the house up. But even with our dogs we still have a security system with night vision that records so if anything goes down the police can come in and take a copy to take back to the police station to put it on there system to get more information if needed, so even if u have a dachshund u still need a security system especially if u live in a city, cause cops use home security systems to solve a lot of crimes and we will do all we can to help the police out to keep neighborhoods safe, cause criminals move to the neighborhoods when it gets close to the holidays cause they know cities have so many cameras on the main streets and parking lots in shopping areas, u don’t have to buy systems that cost thousands you get buy a really good 4 laser with night vision at Sams for a good amount that lets u buy a dvd to attach and also has a place for the zip card that cops use to download all your taping stuff. The only thing you have to remember is how often you need to change your dvd out and date it, cause u never know when they may knock at your door needing tapes for a certain date. Help yourself and your neighborhoods and the police out. It could save your life and your fur babies.

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