A Beautiful Dachshund Love Story With A Difference

In this video is a love story with a difference. One of the stars is a tiny dachshund named Tink who was born without front legs and the other star is a beautiful cat called Henry who was born with only three legs.

They fell in love with each other and loved each other all their lives. Their love story is so wonderful there was a book written about it. Henry and Tink – A Remarkable Romance.

It is not uncommon for dachshunds to quickly become attached to other pets in the family. This, obviously, includes cats. What may, at first, seem like an unlikely pair often make for the best of friends as the video on the next page will show.

If you have ever been the proud owner of a dachshund, then you probably know that it is so easy to get quickly attached to these cuties. Dachshunds, like most pets, have this incredible ability to form strong relationships with everyone and anything around them (except for squirrels, that is).

See this beautiful and enduring love story in the video on the next page.

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