Baby Dachshund Going Crazy With His New Toy

new toy

Dachshund puppies adore their toys, this Dachshund is also very happy with his new toy. They can't get enough of them and are always delighted when they receive new ones from their adoring parents. Sometimes those toys are a little bit strange and it takes a quite bit of courage to move in and play.

In this video we get to meet the cutest baby dachshund who has been confronted with the strangest creature he has ever seen. This long haired cutie has just met his new penguin toy and he's not sure if it is friend or foe.

He would love to play but first he is very nervous of this creature who makes those strange noises. I don't think real penguins make noises like this.

Dachshund puppy with toy penguin

And then it moves and all hell breaks loose. That's the signal that it's time for some real fun and Rocky the dachshund puppy couldn't be happier. He gets the ‘zoomies'. He has a new playmate.

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