Baby Dachshund Loving The Tickles

You won't believe how cute this video of a baby dachshund being tickled by his daddy is and he's loving every single second of it. Those tiny little paws waving around all over the place are so adorable.

There is really no need for any special toys or devices to keep this puppy happy. He has fun just being with daddy and he knows how to show that he wants more.

Can't you just imagine the feel of that fat little belly and smell that special puppy breath. If you can't be there in person watching videos like this is the next best thing.

This puppy knows his daddy loves him so much and that he is willing to spend time giving that fat little belly a rub.

tickling a tekel puppy

Wonder if the rest of the litter will get the same treatment or if this little guy is so cute dad will just keep giving him those special tickles.

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