Baby Dachshund Playing With His Legs And Tail

In this video is the most adorable little 12 week old puppy nestled in dad's legs on the couch playing with his legs and tail in between talking to dad. At that tiny age I wonder what cute little things he is saying to his dad.

I think he wonders what the camera is that is pointed at him. He adds to the cuteness by getting a bit camera shy in the end.

He's so adorable lying in dad's legs using his legs and tail to entertain himself. His legs are all up in a heap all the easier to get at them and bite. It's how he talks to dad in his little puppy voice in amongst the wiggly legs and tail that is cuter than you will be able to stand!

baby dachshund

You can't imagine how cute he is. You just have to see it once and you will be hooked on those beautiful eyes, those adorable little fat feet and the puppy voice.

Watch him in the video on the next page as he plays and makes funny and cute noises at the same time.

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