Bam And His Favorite Ball

favorite ball

I love dachshunds who can entertain themselves for hours and little Bam with his favorite ball is very good at it. He is one hilarious doxie who can easily have you in tears of laughter when he gets up to his usual antics with that ball.

His dad says he is a one hound team and rarely needs anyone else around to have fun. Watch him play with his ball in the video on the next page and you’ll soon understand why his dad thinks this.

But there is a special place where Bam likes to play with his ball and nowhere else will do. Not for him the running around the yard chasing a ball.

I have never seen a dachshund have such a fun time with a ball all on his own. Bam really doesn't need anybody to throw to him; he can just push that ball around all on his own.

dachshund with ball

Our boy, Bam, may not like exercise so much but his dad says he does like long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners. I think Bam and his dad are both very funny boys.

Watch Bam making his favorite ball do what he wants in the video on the next page.

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