Beautiful Baby Dachshunds Playing and Exploring The Backyard


The three puppies in this video are a great example of why dachshund puppies have no equal when it comes to cuteness now that they are in the backyard. These dachshund puppies have been let loose and are being adorable running round the backyard.

It's always so much fun watching doxie puppies exploring the backyard. It gives you a fresh look at the world through their eyes when they find each and everything fascinating and play-worthy

It's hard not to stare at these beautiful babies as they find every possible cute way to play with everything in their sight including each other.

We all know that some dachshunds don’t like to share. As it turns out, this starts when the dachshunds are still pups. Watch for the part where the puppy tries to steal the other puppies’ chew toy? Dachshund property rules apparently kick in early in life.

English cream dachshund puppy

They simply can’t contain their enthusiasm and would just love to run and play the whole day.

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