Busy Butts!


Could these two cute little butts be any busier digging under that shed. Lilly and Derby have found what they think is a mouse nest under there and it's all systems go now to get to it.

This video is so entertaining even if pretty much all you see are the cute back ends of those wieners but it's what they are doing with those back ends that is so funny. It's all very frantic and very amusing.

I love that little black one bouncing the butt up and down as if that will help them get to that nest quicker. They're obviously having a wonderful time doing what doxies were bred for.

Piebald dachshund

Mouse hunting should keep them busy for the rest of the afternoon and then they will be very tired little wieners who won't give mom and dad any trouble tonight.

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53 thoughts on “Busy Butts!

  1. Dachshunds are natural born hunter/killers. It’s been bred into their DNA and can’t be trained out. We have 3 and they each are squeaker killing blanket shredding freddie krueger dogs for sure! snicker

  2. Mt girls do that trying to catch the chipmunks. ..I have see Molly so deep into a whole she dug that the only thing I could see was the butt sticking up in the air and a tail wagging…..she didn’t catch the chipmunk or mole.

    Molly has caught a chipmunk and a mole..this picture was taken a month ago…she caught that chipmunk.

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