Can Your Dog Tell if You Have A Health Problem?

We all can suffer from a myriad of large or small health problems. The body as a whole is one of the most efficient machines ever designed. However, as we age, the efficiency tends to decrease. We start to suffer from a number of health problems which makes it hard to carry on with activities that we could normally do with ease.

But what if that special furry someone in your life could tell that you had a health problem before it became too much of a problem?

New research shows that your incomparable pet can be the expert health consultant that you need. Dogs are known for their incredible senses and they also have the uncanny ability to detect when something is wrong. You may have noticed it – that Fido just seems to know when things are wrong.

In fact, you may have read a number of incredible stories featuring dogs that happened to ‘notify’ their owners of illnesses or disorders that they were previously unaware of.

Image Lynne Behrends via Flickr

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