Dachshund Babysits In The Bath Tub


Dachshunds are great with kids and every once in a while they want to show off their babysitting skills for their parents. If you have never seen a doxie and a baby playing together, then you really have to see these two in the video on the next page, as they act out what must be the most hilarious bath time ever.

I’m sure it was the look on the doxie’s face that got the baby squealing with laughter. What a great sound. Who doesn't love to hear a baby laughing out loud with undisguised glee.

baby in bath with dachshund watching


The dachshund is happily babysitting the baby as he takes his bath but he would also like a play with some of those toys the baby is teasing him with.

Listen to that lovely sound of the baby squealing with laughter in the video on the next page.

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