Dachshund Family Photos

In this video is the endearing Family Photos album of four much-loved dachshunds.  Photos are indeed better than a thousand words. How could you describe how beautiful this little family of four are unless you see it for yourself.

First there came Maggie. She was so much fun, so cheeky and opinionated her parents fell in love with her and wanted to add to the family.

After that came Sasha, Daisy, and Baby Behr. When you have such a big family they need to be balanced so there are two black/tans, Sasha and Behr, and two reds, Maggie and Daisy. A perfect little fun adorable family.

dachshund family

The second baby, Sasha, has had a hit video on youtube with nearly 1.5 million views. She loves going for car rides but hates being harnessed and sitting in the back seat on her own. The video was Sasha displaying her disgust with lots of whining and it was hilarious.

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