Dachshund Puppy Can’t Get Enough Of The I Love You’s From Daddy

You can't imagine how cute this is. Dogs can’t talk but they have their own way of showing us that they love us. Take a look at the sweet puppy in this video as she responds to Daddy’s “I love You’s” with her own version of those words in the most amazing doxie voice ever.

He has her up there in his arms and they are both trying to outdo one another with the ‘I Love You's'.

She is so cute and is really trying to say that she loves Daddy too. Maybe she is trying to tell him that she loves him more than he loves her. There's lots of squealing going on and it's adorable!

It appears that she really loves Daddy and she makes sure that he hears her I Love You’s.

Dachshund and dad

That must have made Dad feel so good. This little girl deserves a treat for leaving Daddy in no doubt how she feels about him.

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34 thoughts on “Dachshund Puppy Can’t Get Enough Of The I Love You’s From Daddy

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  2. This must be a female doxie thing. I have a male doxie and he does not want kisses or give kisses. I’ve had him since he was 2 mos. old and he does not like to be around my face or my neck. He is content to curl up on my lap and sleep for hours as long as he knows I am there with him. If I try to hug him he pulls away. He has never been mistreated by anyone, so don’t know why he is like this. He does curl up beside me every night and gets as close as he can and falls asleep. I know he loves me in his own way.

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