Dachshund Waves To Say “Hi”

Every dachshund has some unique talent hiding somewhere in their cute little bodies like waves to say hi. I have seen some play and sing along to Beethoven’s symphonies while others can dance to the beat when asked to.

However, some doxies just need a little motivation to showcase what they have to offer. Take Brutus, the cute little dachshund in the video on the next page.

Brutus has a special way of saying “hi” to everyone. He doesn’t bark or bite to greet you but he waves his paws at you and it's the cutest thing ever especially with that look on his face.

He is really good at it too. Look at those short legs waving at you to say hi and hoping that you will give him a treat.

This is a very cute trick that Brutus the dachshund has taught himself. He is so sweet being very patient and tries again and again to get dad's attention.

Who could resist that desperate stare and waves to say hi which you can see in the video on the next page.

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47 thoughts on “Dachshund Waves To Say “Hi”

  1. he is so healthy (fat) lol my only eats when he feels like it i say eat your crunchy’es he always wants people food i give in sometimes but mostly he has to eat his food so he can stay healthy

  2. My dog does the same thing! I can never get it on video, though. And there’s no stopping him from sitting up like that. I try, but he even does it when there’s no one in the room with him.

  3. my Nathan a rescue about to be put down when I stepped in started doing this the first day with me. At first will wave wit one paw and If I am busy to get my attention gives a little woof and then 2 paw wave.

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