Dogs and the Supernatural – The Truth about Your Dog’s Sixth Sense

We all know that our dogs can do extraordinary thing maybe even have a Sixth Sense. From leading people out of burning houses to save others from drowning in the sea, there seems to be no end to Fido or Rover’s incredible abilities or courage.

We attribute these qualities to a yet-to-be-discovered sixth sense that dogs seem to have.

As dog owners, we have beliefs (unfounded or true as they may be) as to what our dogs can and can’t do. For instance, a lot of dog owners believe that their dogs can sense the paranormal or supernatural. Whether this is true or not has been the subject of numerous debates.

But how does Rover know what he knows? How can he instantly tell that something is wrong? Could it be due to a supernatural presence such as that of a close relative or a friend who has gone on to the other side? Or is it due to their enhanced sense of hearing and other attuned senses that cannot be compared to our own?

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9 thoughts on “Dogs and the Supernatural – The Truth about Your Dog’s Sixth Sense

  1. Animals are like children very much in tune with the departed! They see and sense things we don’t and when your dog is sitting and looking into another room and wagging it’s tail and all happy you can be assured someone you know is visiting and the dog can see them but you can’t!! My dog Molly did it all the time and then I would smell my dad’s Old Spice cologne at the same time!! She loved my dad!!

  2. No matter what time of day, I’ve had two Dachshunds who could sense me returning to the home. Many times, it was just my home, and I was in the car nearly a mile away,. But, sometimes while visiting my sister, my little Sasha would go crazy and cry at the door nearly ten minutes before I got in from riding my bike. Even with her senses of smell and hearing, she could not have detected me that far away.

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