Don’t Go Bed Shopping For Your Dog Till You Read This

Dachshund in bed by smilla4 via Flickr bed shopping

When it comes to our dogs, we often try our best to ensure that they get the best. From the best homemade meals to chew toys that will keep them entertained, we want them to have it all.

However, how much thought do you put into the bed you choose to get for your pet? While it is true that dogs don’t really mind the type of bed you get for them (a lot opt to sleep on the floor right next to their bed!), they do appreciate a bit of comfort especially when the weather is less than pleasant.

Older dogs need softer beds especially if they have arthritic bones.

Starting on the next page is a list of ten beds all with explanations of what build and age of dog suits. As our dogs age sometimes we don't realize that their needs in bed design change too. Every type of bed is here for all dogs from snuggly beds to heated or cooling beds.

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