Funniest Doxie Video Compilation


Doxies are easily the funniest pets compilation that one can have the pleasure of owning. We all know how they can get when they are playing with their favorite toys as well as the craziness that erupts when they are left to their own devices.

The video on the next page has some of the funniest dachshund videos that I have ever seen. From the start, these guys are out to make you laugh and they make no apologies for it.

Take the puppy chasing after the wind-up penguin toy. He was hilarious! You can tell he’s trying to gather the courage to approach the toy penguin but it was all in vain.  Those penguins are very scary and make you get the zoomies.

Dachshund confronting a goat

I won’t even talk about the wiener who decided that she was going to mummify herself. How she ever got herself into that situation is beyond me.

See it all in the video  Compilation on the next page.

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