How to Stop Your Dog from Running Away

It’s not easy being a new parent. It’s especially difficult if you just happen to be a parent to a new, completely adorable but often irrational dog or puppy. There’s so much that you have to know, so much to learn but there’s so very little time.

Being a newbie dog owner, you have to learn that your new furry friend won’t feel right at home straight away. It’s a process of adjustment that every pooch (and their owner) has to get used to. Some dogs adjust rather quickly while others tend to be quite slow. In a number of cases involving the latter, the dogs may end up running away from their home.

Or maybe you have a naughty furry friend who just won't stay home and is always looking for a way out so he can go socialize down the street or even further away.

It’s every dog owner’s worst nightmare when their canine companion runs away. You simply can’t be at ease until you are reunited with your canine companion. Fortunately, you can learn how to stop you furry fiend from running off. Learn more on how you can do so on the next page.

Image fine_plan via flickr

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