Huge Welcome Home For Daddy From A Tiny Puppy

puppy kissing dad welcome home

Vuchko, the 4-month-old dachshund puppy in this video, can hear someone on the stairs and he wants to welcome him home! He knows who it is and what is going to happen. It's daddy and the fun is about to start.

Vuchko is always excited to see daddy arrive home. He never fails to welcome dad in his own special way. It's been a long day waiting and waiting for that special man in his life to come home.

He's such a little guy to be waiting all day for dad and it must seem like an eternity. So it looks like the longer the wait the more hysterical the welcome.

dachshund puppy kissing daddy

At first I wondered why daddy laid down on the floor but when the baby came over and gave him those exuberant kisses, I understood why.

See Vuchko telling his dad he is so happy he's home in the video on the next page.

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