Is There Anything to Eat At The Bottom Of That Bag

The dachshund is so convinced there must be food in that bag somewhere that he decided to go inside the bag one more time but he didn't bargain for what he got trying to get out this time.

Watching him back out of that bag is hilarious.

Watch the video just below to see how funny it is as a doxie shows you how to investigate every square inch of a dog food bag.

So now you know how to check out a kibble bag for any signs of a remaining morsel. The disappointment for them must have been huge when they finally realized that bag was empty. I'm sure mom had dinner waiting for them on the counter as a consolation prize.

10 thoughts on “Is There Anything to Eat At The Bottom Of That Bag

  1. I can’t believe you promote this as “cute” . . . just Google Prevent Pet Suffocation in bags and see how many have died being cute. This type of promotion in reprehensible!

    1. I never thought of that possibility although it’s their nature to burrow into anything and everything. Thanx for alerting me to this potential danger. Instead of scolding the owner and website, use this wonderful opportunity to alert owners of this breed of the danger. We dachshund owners love our babies like children and wouldn’t intentionally put our babies in danger. Wiener dogs rule!!

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