Old Dachshund Up To His Old Tricks

dachshund climbing through dog door using tricks

Spinner is a dachshund and a little bit chubby but he can just squeeze through the cat door if he holds his breath. In this video, you will see him get out of the house through the use of this small opening he just used his old tricks

There is a funny yet embarrassing story behind this scene.

Unknown to his mom and dad he used to wake up at around 4 am on trash collection days, silently climb through the cat door, do a hit and run raid on the trash cans, tipping them over and chowing down leaving the neighborhood in a mess.

One of the neighbors caught him red handed and told his parents what he was doing, so that was the end of Spinner's culinary adventures.

His dad nailed the cat door shut but, for months afterwards, they would be awakened at 4am on trash collection days by the sound of Spinner throwing himself at the cat door.

Watch the video on the next page to see Spinner demonstrate how he wiggles through the cat’s door.

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