Seven Baby Dachshunds Playing in the Garden

Seven baby doxies are what you get in this video each and every one too cute for words are playing in the garden. Caution! There’s quite a bit of cuteness overload in this video so you should be really prepared before you watch it.

The video on the next page takes us through a day in the life of these seven cuties. From the moment they wake up, these babies, their mom and dad are all bustling with energy.

They are old enough to eat their dinner from a plate and that is just the sweetest thing you have ever seen. So well behaved and so polite.

Seven puppies eating out of a dish

Doxies know that when it comes to play time, they need to go hard and these seven cuties are no exception as they romp through the grass and run all over the place!

Watch these 7 fat little bundles of fun in the video on the next page.

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