The Beautiful Sight Of One Week Old Dachshund Puppies Having Their Breakfast

Dachshund mom with puppies love their breakfast breakfast

Puppies love it when their moms are around as it means that they can just suckle away ever chance they get. When they are done suckling, they often look so cute with their milk moustaches and their full bellies. Some can barely even move after their meal!

The one week old babies in the video on the next page are just having their breakfast and you can tell that they are starving. Look at how they move around trying to fight for some room to get their mouths in. And there are no manners, it's every pup for himself, some even push others out of the way!

But it’s all fun and games and these cuties won’t stop until they are all full or burst, whichever comes first.

English cream dachshund with puppies

I can never get enough of watching puppies having their milk. It's always worth taking a few minutes out of the day to watch delightful scenes like this.

Watch the beautiful sight of these babies with their beautiful mother in the video on the next page.

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891 thoughts on “The Beautiful Sight Of One Week Old Dachshund Puppies Having Their Breakfast

  1. Today is March 29, 2017. I could not be more saddened than I am…On October 21, 2016, my sweet was diagnosed with SARDS…many dogs live a long, healthy life, regardless. The female dachshund is the number one (1) dog susceptible to this auto-immune disease. There are reportedly 4,000 cases per year…SARDS was not recognized until the 1980’s. There is no prevention, nor is there a cure. Opthamologic Veterinarians know of no cure…One Vet on YouTube claims differently, but I have read many complaints regarding his claim to cure the disease. Unfortunately, there are many indicators, (illnesses) that are occurring with my dear Addi. This means her entire body is being affected…you know what this means. For all you out there who love dachshunds, get on the bandwagon and advocate for your beloved the importance of early diagnosis that can prevent this and a cure. It is heartbreakin, to say the least…

  2. They are beautiful. But we need to adopt Dachshunds people left behind ! Why??? Not a person in their right mind. Love them all but take care of the ones left behind ! They need homes, love and care also.

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