The Cutest Puppies In The World

The Cutest Puppies In The World! What’s better than one doxie puppy? Six doxie puppies in different colours! The puppies in this video are so adorable and you will be amazed at how many colors there are in just one litter.

The puppies and their mom are outside today to play in the great outdoors. They are being so cute rolling around in the sunshine, napping in the grass and one of them thinks a human foot is a great place for a bit of shut-eye. Lying around in the sunshine always makes you sleepy.

dachshund puppy sleeping on human foot

One brave little one seems to have found something interesting in the bush and decides to go investigate. I’m not sure what is hiding in there but it’s clear that he won’t give up until he finds it. He's a courageous little puppy to brave the wilds of the bushes. Who knows what might be hiding in there.

dachshund puppy in the bushes

See the six cutest dachshund puppies in the whole world in the video on the next page.

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