The Dachshund Tomboy

Have you ever met a doxie girl who turned out to be more of a tomboy and not the sweet little baby her parents thought they had adopted? Come and meet Gretchen. This video was shot when Gretchen had just been adopted by her mom and dad and she is a whirlwind through the house.

Gretchen has only been in the house for one week and already mom has enough footage for this video filled with mischief. Gretchen is so busy and so excited about everything she doesn't know what interesting thing to do next so she does them all.

From the start she seems to be having fun with everything and everyone she comes into contact with including herself. The way she barks and plays with her reflection in the mirror is just adorable.

dachshund smiling

Gretchen loves helping dad read his newspaper but even more than that she loves getting down and dirty in the mud puddle dad made for her but no one is allowed to touch her toys – watch out if you try to do that!

See how adorable Gretchen is in the video on the next page when she sees her first butterfly.

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  1. We had a 12 lb alpha female doxie (lived to be 17) who ruled our house, a bullmastiff female, a male lab, another male dachshund, and my current 2 male doxies during her reign – miss her terribly.

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