The Doxie Carrot Catch Trick

Here’s a carrot catch trick in this video that's amazing and super fast. Maybe you could teach your wiener to do this. It's a party trick that's sure to entertain your guests whenever you have them over and, hey, if it doesn't work at least your doxie gets their vitamins.

Gracie, the dachshund in this video is a trick pro. She balances the carrot slice on her nose, a quick flick of the head and its miraculously there in her mouth. That flick of the head is so unbelievably fast it can't even be caught on camera, it's just a blur!

dachshund getting ready to do a trick

You would think Gracie would drop that piece of carrot maybe even once but no, she's too expert at this. She never misses.

Wonder how long Gracie and her mom had to practice to perfect this.

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