The First Annual Dachstoberfest


What do you do when you are invited to a festival featuring dachshunds in October? Dress up your wiener and bring it along, of course!  The video on the next page shows the highlights of the first annual Dachstoberfest which was held in West Palm Beach.

Hundreds of dachshunds and their owners mingled with each other while other dachshunds simply slept the day away too tired to notice all the fun that was passing them by.

dachshund and owner

Do you speak doxie? These owners do. The talking doxies were a hoot! I didn’t catch a word of what they were saying but it’s clear that they were really enjoying themselves.

The dachshunds truly took up the spirit of the festival and dressed up as cute as they could. The formally dressed wiener looked like he was looking around for his next glass of champagne!

See all the fun the dachshunds and their parents had in the video on the next page.

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