The Gracie Chronicles

Gracie the dachshund is the focus of our video chronicle and today, she shows off her costume making skills! Actually her mom made this costume.

She is dressed in a bright yellow school bus costume complete with tires and custom painted windows that snugly fits her small body. Isn’t she the cutest thing you have ever seen?  I think she looks really adorable.

Gracie is participating in a costume competition for the Hallowiener Fest and she is clearly enjoying every moment of it. She even practised her game face – she looks so serious at the start though! Maybe she is nervous as to how she’ll do. She probably heard that there are a couple of other doxies in the competition and some of them are cartoon characters!

Watch how she walks up to the competition field – doesn’t she look so cute? The wheels on that bus costume couldn’t get any more real. Gracie won the grand prize for her costume.

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