The Hilarious Thoughts Of A Dachshund Trying To Wake Up

to wake up

This cutie is called Gretchen and it's so cosy and warm in mom's bed. In this video her mom has decided to wake her up early and tries all sorts of ways but Gretchen doesn’t seem to want to leave the bed. I think she thinks that it’s too early. In fact, if she could tell that to her mom, she probably would! She mightn't tell mom but she sure is thinking it.

Don’t you just love doxies? They always seem to have a smile on their face and their infectious energy will have you jumping all around the place. Some dachshunds are so adorable that you just can’t look away even when they are asleep. They can look like angels, sound like angels; in fact, let’s face it, they may as well be angels! That’s exactly what the cutie in the video on the next page is – an angel!!

Sleepy dachshund

She is the world’s happiest dachshund and greets every day with a smile even if she has no intention of getting up yet. The grin that she had on her face when her mom came to give her a wake-up call was way too cute. I just had to watch this video over and over just to catch that moment.

Head on over to see Gretchen’s reaction amd those hilarious thoughts when her mom gives her a wake-up call.

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