The New Born Puppy Was Not Going To Make It Until She Did This

Witnessing the birth of a puppy is a breathtaking experience but when something goes very wrong, as it did in this video, it quickly turns into an emergency.

I always wondered what happens in case of a still birth and I finally found a video that shows the procedures that should be taken in the event of such a situation. This girl is amazing what she did. If she hadn't known exactly what to do things would have turned out tragically different.

The momma dachshund in this video is still in the middle of labour and one of her little ones has stayed in the birth canal for far too long. Her human mom has noticed and rushes over to help the little one come out.

newborn dachshund puppy

Noticing that she isn’t moving, the human mom takes quick and amazing action to see if anything could be done to revive the little one. So tiny and so little time to make a difference.

See how to revive a new born pup who is not breathing in the video on the next page.

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63 thoughts on “The New Born Puppy Was Not Going To Make It Until She Did This

  1. Thankfully my friend Dixie showed me how to do this. My female Ella delivered a litter of three puppies the last one was a little female and she was not doing well. Ella had failed to get the sack off of her and the pup had aspirated some fluid. Dixie told me what she was about to do might freak me out but she was going to attempt to save the puppy’s life. She took me through the process step-by-step and thankfully the puppy survived. I was very thankful for this knowledge because two years later I had a similar experience with a different female. Thankfully I was able to revive the puppy he’s absolutely fine, totally spoiled rotten and his name is Nathan.

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