The Shameful Things Those Doxies Do


You guys have seen a lot of cute dachshund videos and if you think they just sit there, behave, do stunts and look cute, then you are wrong, there are a lot of shameful things our beloved doxies do. They also do a lot of crazy things that can sometimes get their owners mad and can get to be very expensive.

The video on the next page is called Dachshund Shaming and there you will find some of the most annoying and adorable things they do. Some of those messes must have been hard to clean up when the parents stopped laughing.

Some dachshunds are still too cute but some can really make you mad but, as owners of dachshunds, you just get used to them and love them because they are part of the family.

dachshund meme

If the dachshunds were to have their say, it wouldn't be a shame list though. I think it would be a challenge list with all the doxies in the video competing to see who would finish at the top!

This is some shameful crazy stuff and I think all dachshund owners will relate to the video on the next page.

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45 thoughts on “The Shameful Things Those Doxies Do

  1. I fall in love with him more every day. However my Buddy eats my PJ’s while I’m sleeping in them. And I had to find another home for the pit bull as Buddy would attack him over minor offenses. And yes I do mean attack. Heart of a lion. <3

  2. On the other hand… We had a, oh, I can’t remember what it was wolf looking dog with blue eyes….? Anyway, the husband (now ex) and son both swore they’d take care of the dog. The husband later denied saying anything like that. Husky!! Sweet as pie, dumber than dog stuff! My son would take him for a walk. It didn’t matter if it was for a few minutes or half an hour. He rarely did any business on the walks, but as soon as they got home, the dog would go straight to the kitchen and do any and all of the business that had to be done. Very difficult getting either of the boys to clean up the mess!!!!!

  3. looks like she’s on “mole patrol”! I had a red Doxie that could sniff a mole out- when she started digging to get it, it looked like a backhoe digging dirt- those little paws would be in overdrive and the dirt would be flying!

  4. My doxie is good about not rolling in stuff but she is an undergound engineer she would be the tunneler in the Great Escape!!!
    My Dalmation on the other hand would go outside an come back with “Extra Spots” composed of deer poop!! 😉

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