The Space Age Catapult Built Specially For Jerry

In case you were wondering which great new toy to get for your doxie, how about building his/her own canon. Don’t worry! The ball catapult in this video is completely safe. Jerry's dad built it with lots of safety features.

Jerry’s dad built the toy as a hobby and was in no way trying to replace himself. In fact, Jerry didn’t even use the toy that much according to his dad. Even though Jerry is quite capable of loading the ball into the machine himself he has his cute baby brother to do it for him later in the video.

Dad built lots of safety features into the machine so that Jerry could never hurt himself if he did happen to play with it by himself. You can see one of the features later in the video when Jerry misses loading the ball.

dachshund playing with ball catapult

Jerry is so funny how he starts running before the machine even throws the ball. Even though Jerry is a frosty face and probably quite an age, he is so smart in that he knows how to load the ball into the machine.

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