There Are Alternative Forms of Medicine And They May Be Just What Your Dog Needs

As much as we rely on modern medicine to solve most of our medical issues, there’s no denying the benefits of alternative medicine. Chiropractic care, for instance, is famed for its unique benefits on the spine while acupuncture helps with the flow of energy.

These are all great for humans so why shouldn’t they be used for your dog as well?

There is a growing practice among dog owners to defer to holistic care to help deal with issues that they would typically rely on modern medicine for. However, unlike the surgical practices which bear their own unique risk, alternatives such as herbal treatments or chiropractic care have minimal risks. As such, they can help sort out a number of the ailments that your pooch suffers from without causing too much harm.

There’s a lot to gain from alternative practices and it is certainly worth looking into especially if you worry that surgery may be too much of a risky option for your pooch. Dachshunds are very susceptible to back problems and acupuncture has been shown to be the major successful alternative treatment for this. Sometimes acupuncture can bring down inflammation and do what modern drugs cannot just in a single session.

My dachshund has had big back problems in the past but now he has an acupuncture treatment once a month and it keeps him walking and functioning just great.

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