This Must Be Puppy Love

basket full of dachshund puppies puppy love

This video of mommy and baby Dachshunds is one of the best doxie videos I have ever seen, real puppy love. Nothing warms the soul more than watching cute puppies explore their home playing and tumbling with one another. Only one word for this video and it is adorable.

Wait till you hear the backing song – perfect!

Look at this little guy, one of the four puppies, trying to be mister big tough man. Look at that big manly chest and those gorgeous little fat feet. Looks like he doesn't like the camera too much but when they are that cute you can't help but to get that camera going.

The scenes where the puppies are loving their mom is just beautiful. They can't get close enough to snuggle and sleep up against her.

dachshund puppy looking angry

They are the very definition of cute – they sound cute, look cute and they do cute little things. It really is cuteness overload!

In the video on the next page the puppy cuteness continues.

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50 thoughts on “This Must Be Puppy Love

  1. Looking for a male red smooth coat mini dashund my sons just passed over rainbow bridge two nights ago in my sons arms sleeping he was about 12years old my son is wanting another dog just like our oscar please email if you are selling a male red thank u kindly sandie

  2. Stop pimping your dogs. These pups are no cuter than the ones being killed at animal control because there aren’t enough homes available. For every home one of your puppies takes up, a homeless one dies. You want money? Get a job!

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