This Seriously Awesome Dachshund Hikes 5,000 Foot Mountains

As dog owners, I’m sure that we love to do things with our dogs like take hikes. Whether it’s taking them to the dog park so that they can socialize with other like-minded dogs or just playing with them in our backyards, I’m sure everyone has their own thing that they love to do with their dogs.

If you are the proud owner of a dachshund (as I’m sure most of you are!), then I’m sure you are already aware that your pooch loves to do some weird things as well.

For some doxies, it’s simply running around causing mayhem for everyone or everything while for others, it’s hiking! On the video on the next page, Lilliput, the dachshund goes on a hike with her dad Brendan.

It’s truly a unique adventure and Lilliput sure does seem to be having quite a bit of fun. The way she runs carefully over every obstacle in her path was amazing!While a lot of dachshund owners may be apprehensive about having their dachshund running up and down hills and ridges, Lilliput is an experienced hiker.

She and her dad have been hiking for years and by her movements, you can really tell that she knows how to look for low-impact routes around rocks. Her dad was also quite observant – ready to help her out should the trail look too steep or dangerous.

Head on over to the next page to catch Lilliput expertly hikes the Franconia Ridge Loop.

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