Tiny Baby Pygmy Goat Playing With A Dachshund

baby pygmy

This video of the baby pygmy is just too unbelievably cute! Can you think of anything better than a mini dachshund playing with a ball? I can and it would be a dachshund playing with a pygmy baby goat playing with a ball!

Meet the 5 day old pygmy baby goat who is having quite a ball (pun intended) all by herself. Don’t you just love all those little hops that she does as she plays with the ball and then hops across the living room? Adorable!

Her dachshund brother wants to get in on the act and play too. He's so pleased to have found such a cute playmate. Goats love to play so this baby will be in on a game with her doxie brother before she is too much older. Right now she doesn't quite get it but that doesn't stop her from being just too cute for words.

pygmy baby goat and dachshund

This baby goat is a rescue and is being bottle fed. Who wouldn't love that job. A lot of hours could be spent with this adorable little time waster.

It turns out dachshunds and goats can mix and you’ll soon see how well in the video on the next page.

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