Tiny Dachshund Puppy Perfecting “The Beg”

You know how dachshund puppies have that amazingly cute face that you just can’t resist whenever they use it to beg for something? Yes, that face with the soulful big eyes that you simply can’t look away from.

Some dachshunds know how to use the trick to get it to work for them but the cutie in this video has perfected it at only four weeks old.

He is simply the cutest dachshund baby around and though he need not beg, there’s nothing to stop him from trying. This cutie loves when his belly is tickled. You can tell from the way his legs twitch whenever he gets his belly rubbed. He loves it so much that he would beg for a belly rub.

Dachshund puppy lying on his back

I don’t know any person who can resist a doxie who has perfected “the beg” but if they can, they should really meet this cute puppy and see how long they can resist.

Watch this cutie in action in the video on the next page to see if you could resist.

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