Two Dogs One Chew Toy – Who Will Win

In this video war is declared when there is only one half chewed chew toy between Mr Pepper and his sister Margo. As always it seems like the toys suffer the most.

You know what is cuter than a dog playing with its chew toy? It’s two dogs battling it out for possession of one half destroyed chew toy! Dogs love their chew toys and they simply can’t stand it when someone tries to intrude on their fun.

It may be fun and games to the dogs but those poor toys – they simply don’t have a say in what happens to them. Oh well, dogs will be dogs and as soon as they are done ripping apart their toys, you can be sure that they will go to their moms and dads expecting new ones. That’s the kind of situation in the video on the next page.

For these two it's an endless battle without winners but for us humans it's endlessly entertaining watching this. Signing a peace treaty is not on the table. Who will win this toy battle?

Find out by watching the video on the next page.

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33 thoughts on “Two Dogs One Chew Toy – Who Will Win

  1. My uber alpha female 12 lb mini doxie ruled our 90 lb lab and 120 lb bullmastiff – whatever she wanted she took with no resistance. Either they didn’t care or were terrified of her – probably the latter.

  2. We do not have anymore toys at our
    House , my mini doxie chewed her toys
    Up and stuck in her intestines and had
    Surgery ,she almost didn’t make it.
    We only have the black Kong balls
    It takes her a long time to chew them up.

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