Whining In The Back Seat!

Having an audience who loves what you captured on your video camera can help with your popularity and this is just what happened to a dachshund named Sasha but today she is whining in the back seat!

In these two videos you first see Sasha in the video which made her a youtube sensation and the second video is about the surprise her dad got for her when the video reached 80,000 views.

This dachshund and her mom had a Youtube hit on their hands when she was filmed strapped into the back seat of the car and not liking it. She was whining and whinging about the injustice of it all.

Sasha loves going for a ride in the car but doesn't like being in the back on her own even though she has her blankie for a company.

She obviously feels that the front seat is her rightful place. Unfortunately, he can’t do anything but sit there and whine.

It's her special way of whining that everyone loves! It's just so cute you will want to play it twice!

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197 thoughts on “Whining In The Back Seat!

  1. My Bridget rides in the front seat . When I take my cook/housekeeper to the bus stop each afternoon at 5pm she watches as we near the stop & the crying starts . It gets worse when her JoJo gets out . Once she got out at the gas station as I was buying gas right by the bus stop , ran between a mans legs & around another man trying to catch her for me till she caught up w/her JoJo . She would have gotten on the bus had not JoJo held her till I got to her . Little Stinker ! No , she doesn’t get to go every day because she cries so much when we leave JoJo . She knows JoJo will always come back each morning & she sits by front door waiting for key sound .

  2. My dachshund seen above in red sweater (named Bridget ) will only ride standing in my lap with paws up on steering wheel . She will after awhile sit in my lap watching out window . She hates back seat or dog car seat . I know it’s not right but she loves going in the car & it’s only way she will be happy .
    I once had a dachshund (big standard) who would ride behind your neck at 1st. We had to put stop to that as she grew –later she loved her car seat .

  3. In a crate is no safer just like seatbelts sometimes cost people their lives rather than save it. I know of many people that have gotten hit for instance, driver’s side door, didn’t have seat belt on and the impact knocked them towards the passenger side which saved their life. Another instance, a Sheriff deputies son was rear ended very hard, seat belt jammed, car caught fire and he burned to death.

  4. Mike the instances of being saved by not wearing a seatbelt are miniscule when compared to lives saved by seatbelts my friend. Without seatbelts people are quickly ejected from vehicles and that is nearly certain death every time. I feel asleep in my pickup with the cruise set on 80, rolled multiple times and walked away thanks to a seatbelt. Seatbelts save lives.

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