Won’t You Play With Me?


When we have a new dachshund puppy, we go wild with the camera to be sure to catch plenty of cute moments to share with friends, if not the whole wide world. This dachshund puppy is simply the cutest and in this video, he meets up with his new pug sister.

Dachshunds have this infectious energy that just seems to radiate everywhere. Whether they decide to play or run they just do it without a care or fear of the consequences. After all, they just want to have fun with everyone and everything.

Now, we all know dachshunds love to play but when they are pups they think everyone wants to play and won't take no for an answer. It's so infectious that it makes those around them want to join in as well!

That’s what this pup does to his new sister in this video.

His sister is now an adult and you’d think that her playing days are well behind her but once this dachshund puppy gets going it's hard to resist.

Warning! There are plenty of kisses being traded around in this video so you best be prepared for cuteness overdose! I just love the way pups easily warm up to everyone around them, don’t you?

Watch this cutie as he tries to get his new sister to play with him in the video just below.



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